Mazey is a 12 month old Rottweiler puppy, in training to be an assistance dog for her autistic owner Nicola. 6 weeks ago Mazey fell while playing with another dog, injuring her leg. The vet hoped that it was a simple sprain, but after lead walking & rest, Mazey is still in a lot of pain and Nicola is desperately worried that she has seriously damaged her leg.

The vet has recommended that Mazey have a CT scan of both of her front legs – costing in the region of £4000 – £5000, but sadly Mazey’s insurance policy does not cover that. However we did find a very kind vet 250 miles away that was willing to do all of the scans she needs for the cost that Mazey’s policy would cover. Sadly this leaves nothing at at all for any further treatment, such as surgery. Although Nicola is eligible for free PDSA treatment, they have told her they do not do those type of scans and cannot help Mazey. Nicola is disabled and on a very low income so she has no option but to ask for help so that Mazey can get better.

Mazey’s initial scans have shown that she has damage to her left leg that will require an operation costing about £2500. BUT – she is limping on the opposite leg! So, she needs additional scans of the other leg, which are being carried out tomorrow (Thursday 20th September).

Mazey is adored by her local community in the Wirral, who all want to pull together to help her recover. The best way to help Mazey is by MAKING A DONATION TO HER FUNDRAISING PAGE . This will ensure that Mazey’s CT scans, surgery and any further treatment can be paid for.

You can also help by spreading the word about Mazey’s campaign on social media and by helping out practically. Practical help can take many forms and Nicola is hoping to fund-raise in her local supermarkets in Merseyside, either by having a collection stand or doing a sponsored bag pack, both of which will need volunteers to assist. Mazey of course will be in attendance to lend a helping paw! If you would like to help in this way, please contact Nicola at her personal e-mail address Nicola.fergusoncat@gmail.com or by using the website contact form (preferably both as the contact form seems a little dodgy).

These are just a few brief examples of how you can help Mazey. If you have any other ideas as to how best to help raise money for her treatment then please do get in touch. Particularly helpful would be any contacts in the media or with PR experts that may be able to assist, not to mention any vets that could assist with Mazey’s treatment. Even just spreading the word far and wide on social media would be a massive help.

At the moment Mazey is on painkillers & anti-inflammatory medication to try to help keep her comfortable, but she is still sore and limping. She is only being walked on the lead to help make sure her leg is not damaged further and this is making her desperately unhappy. Seeing Mazey in pain and unable to walk comfortably is also badly affecting Nicola’s health, as she cannot leave her home without Mazey by her side. Nicola is starting to avoid leaving the house at all/only going out after dark when she will not meet people and is feeling desperate and suicidal as she worries she will lose Mazey. 


Mazey in Tesco

Nicola went to see Mazey when she was only 3 weeks old and it was love at first sight. She came home at 10 weeks and they have been inseparable ever since, the pair not having spent more than an hour apart in over 9 months.

Nicola is training Mazey with Recovery Assistance Dogs, which specialise in helping owners train their own dogs for mental health problems. Nicola has autism & PTSD, which in turn cause her to suffer from agoraphobia and severe anxiety & depression. Nicola has no family members and struggles to make friends due to her autism. Before Nicola got Mazey, she was extremely lonely and isolated, at one stage having spent over two years confined to her home, her only human contact being a 10 minute appointment with her GP once a month. Nicola’s therapist suggested she consider an assistance dog, which her GP agreed was an excellent idea, leading to Mazeys’ purchase several months later.

Mazey has totally transformed Nicola’s life. As she must be walked several times per day, Nicola has no option but to leave the house, with Mazey supporting every step she takes. Nicola now has the confidence to go out to the shops during the day, instead of in the middle of the night the way she used to, as she was so scared of people. No-one can resist Mazey and she has led to Nicola making friends with the staff in all of her local shops, in addition to many of the customers who ask if they can stroke Mazey.

Without Mazey, Nicola is worried that she will go back to being too scared to go outside. Her anxiety & depression are getting worse very quickly with all the worry about Mazey and what will happen to her if her leg is not treated. The vet has recommended that Mazey continue to work lightly, as she needs some exercise and meeting her friends in the supermarket is a good distraction from her sore leg. However both Nicola & Mazey desperately miss the walks they used to go on together, Mazey’s leg being too sore to be allowed off lead to run & play any more.

Mazey 9 months in garden
Mazey giving her paw
Mazey as a puppy
Mazey with baker

A massive thanks to photographer Vicky Bloor who took many of the lovely photos of Mazey, which were taken for the Rottweilers in Need 2019 Calendar