Who is Mazey?

Mazey is one of the very few Rottweiler Assistance Dogs working in the UK. She is a wonderful ambassador for her breed and is the result of a very specialist breeding programme, designed to specifically produce Rottweiler Assistance Dogs.

Mazey was born in August 2017, a very determined bundle of black fluff who almost died when she was only a couple of days old. Had it not been for the dedication of her breeder at Nelly’s Angels Kennels, she would have slipped peacefully away tucked in beside mum. Luckily both Mazey and her breeder had very different ideas! It was obvious she was special from the very beginning: although perhaps not the prettiest of the puppies, she always stood out as the smartest and it was clear she was going to be a natural as an Assistance Dog.

When Nicola, Mazey’s owner visited the litter, it was love at first sight. At ten weeks Mazey left her mother and siblings and made the long journey up to Merseyside where she would meet her two new sisters – Holly and Poppy Bengal. Very quickly Mazey learned the importance of feline personal space. Following time just enjoying being a puppy, Mazey very quickly took to her new role as an Assistance Dog, proving exceptionally quick and easy to train. She also enjoys tracking and has a keen (gastronomic) interest in squirrels.


Mazey’s owner Nicola, is disabled and has been unable to work for some time. She is desperate to find a job which she can do from home when her health permits, so for fun she decided to write a book about the first year in Mazey’s life and all the adventures they both got up to. Nicola hopes to one day be able to support herself and Mazey through her writing.

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Do you want to discover more about Amazing Mazey?

Mazey is currently writing her very own book. It is called Amazing Mazey; One Year in the Life of an Assistance Dog Puppy. The book follows Mazeys early life, her training an Assistance Dog, just what that involves, as well as all of her adventures along the way.

Could you train your own Assistance Dog?

Not many people are aware that under the Equality Act 2010 it is possible for a disabled person to train their very own Assistance Dog. Mazey will also be writing as series of blog posts about Assistance Dogs; their selection, training and the bodies and/or charities they can be registered with  if the owner even wants to do this – it is by no means compulsory.

Watch this space for more news of Mazey’s new blog as well as forthcoming chapters of her book.

Did you enjoy HBO’s Chernobyl?
Not to be outdone by Mazey, Holly and Poppy Bengal, being as good with the mouse as they are with the keyboard(!) have already written a YA Sci-fi novel based at Chernobyl. Read it if you dare! It is available in paperback and kindle edition at Amazon.

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Mazey has some exciting news!

At the end of August Mazey’s mother is expecting a liter of puppies who will be full brothers and sisters to Mazey. This is such an exciting time, as the last litter of puppies produced:

  • 2 qualified Assistance Dogs;
  • A Crufts winner 2019;
  • Show dogs winning 1st prizes at major Rottweiler shows. This includes prestigious shows such as the British Rottweiler Association Championship Show and also The Royal Cheshire Show were Mazey was Best Puppy in Breed and went on to win Best of Breed.
Litter due end of August 2019
Nelley's Angels are expecting puppies