Project Description

Mazey is an incredibly affectionate little dog. She is convinced that she was born to be a lap dog and is still slightly confused as to why she does not fit as neatly on my lap in the same way that  both of my cats Holly and Poppy do. As Bengals, even at age 18, Holly and Poppy  both rule poor Mazey with a paw of iron! As you can see from this picture, Mazey was allowed to lie on the sofa by me as a treat, until along came the girls. She does not want to vacate her comfortable seat and so she is pretending they do not exist. Her expression tells me that she could do with the gift of ‘courage’ for her Christmas. Mazey adores both of the girls and frequently attempts to groom them and clear heir ears, much to their disgust as her huge tongue sends them flying.

Mazey is allowed on the sofa by invitation, and when I am stressed she also carries out deep pressure therapy, something many people with autism find comforting. I find her weight a lot more substantial than a weighted blanket and also being looked after by a living creature that cares about you and loves you is far better than anything  else.