Project Description

Mazey has always liked carrying something in her mouth, and one of the challenges of training her was to not allow her to pick up everything she spied with her little eyes. Mazey is not particularly food orientated to offer a ‘swap’ and as I do not like telling her ‘no’ or ‘leave it’ constantly, or taking it with no reward. Therefore I do often allow her to pick up safe items from the street to carry for a short while. Mazey is very good at giving the items back, and indeed will often head towards the nearest litter bin she sees so the litter can be safely placed in the bin.

In this case, Mazey spotted a child’s dummy which she though was the best thing EVER so I did allow her to keep it. You can see her looking slightly anxious when I took the photo, just i case I was going to ask her to give it back. She is such a sweet, funny dog.