Amazing Mazey: one year in the life of an assistance dog puppy

Autistic, isolated, with no family or friends, Nicola Ferguson was preparing to die.

Then along came assistance dog Mazey.

This is the remarkable true story of a very special dog, one who brought joy and meaning to an otherwise intolerable existence, all while still only a puppy herself. Amazing Mazey examines the universal need we all have for love and acceptance, of finding our place in the world and of allowing ourselves to become who we really are.

Written with the help of her two feline friends Holly and Poppy, not to mention little Peter Piper the ghost cat, Mazey writes her story of how she became an assistance dog and saved the life of her autistic owner Nicola. Mazey would love for you to share in her adventures, so why don’t you read her blog which contains chapters of the book, posted as they are written.

Did you enjoy HBO’s Chernobyl?

Are you a fan of Nikola Tesla and looking forward to ‘The Current War?’

‘The Nuclear Tourist’ could be just the book you have been waiting for!

Something sinister has been incubating in the depths of the exclusion zone, it’s taste for human blood far surpassing the meagre supply of power plant workers. Damaged but brilliant, Dane is part of a new generation of commercially manufactured clones, developed from the DNA of leading scientists. Sent to Chernobyl to investigate the killings, an accident throws Dane into the past, with his evil twin Dante hot on his heels, accompanied by Dane;s tormentor Zoli. Can Dane find love but more importantly, can he or should he return to his own time in order save humanity?