Nelly’s Angels Kennels Welcomes You

KC Assured Breeders of top quality, health tested Rottweiler dogs.

Our Rottweilers have proved themselves to be truly outstanding  working Assistance Dogs and have also excelled in the show ring. They have the drive to succeed in dog sports but with the gentle, kind nature to make wonderful family pets. Our breeding programme aims to produce dogs of excellent conformation which are fully health and temperament tested.

Health Tests

We are one of the few UK kennels that adhere to a very strict protocol in the selection of our breeding stock as regards health and temperament testing. Our own bitches are extensively tested and we only use stud dogs who have also passed stringent health examinations.

Our bitches are all health tested as follows:

  • Elbows must be 0/0
  • Hips must be equal to or under 8. We do not breed with dogs with uneven hips;
  • Clear heart tests;
  • Clear eye test, often we strive to test for this annually;
  • Long coat clear; and
  • JLPP clear.

We do not breed with carriers of JLPP, long coat etc. Younger bitches are also tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM2), Hyperuricosurea (SLC), x-linked myotibular myopathy (MTM) and  Leukoencephalomyelopathy (LEMP)

We do not stand our own stud dog, therefore it is harder to ensure every test is done. At a minimum we look for 0/0 elbows, even hips of 8 or under, JLPP clear and ideally clear heart and eye exams. In order to ensure maximum genetic diversity we import fresh chilled and also frozen semen from both Europe and the USA/Canada.


As we are primary breeding Assistance Dogs, all of our bitches must have proved themselves as working Assistance Dogs before we breed from them. This also allows us to select the best sire for the puppies. We expect our sires to have success in the show ring and ideally, as we import from Germany and the USA, to have completed basic working trials.